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Jose Fusion, 30-04-2004 07:36:00, Mexico toggle
Don, I was surprised on the concert last wednesday april 28, 2004 at ex-convento del Carmen... it was programmed at 8.30 p.m., but it begun at 9.00 p.m.!?!?! Why so late? Except for that, the concert was great.

Please be on time on your next concert (April 30, 2004). We resverd respect. Thanks,
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susana ramos, 30-11-2003 16:14:00, Mexico toggle
dear don hi where are u doing i hope so fine answer me please ok.
susan to mexico
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Susan, 18-11-2003 18:40:00, Mexico toggle
How are you? I am fine.
Espero que te encuentres bien, te deseo mucha suerte en tus presentaciones, principalmente en la de Edmonton Symphony Orchestra- Winspear Centre.
Saludos. Espero me recuerdes. te mando un beso- kiss-
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