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aronyte, 23-06-2017 11:05:49, Vatican City toggle
my blog
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ucojan, 22-06-2017 20:30:42, East Timor toggle
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Audrey Kozack, 03-02-2014 12:58:40, Edmonton Canada toggle
Attended the concert at the Yard Bird on Saturday night and what a night it was. Fantastic performance....we are so lucky to have this venue and this calibre of talent. Happy Trails!!
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Robert Kaminsky, 31-01-2014 15:19:09, Edmonton, AB Canada toggle
Indelibly refreshing music from an outstanding and genuine individual.
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Matthew Meeker, 26-01-2014 09:47:15, Edmonton, AB Canada toggle
Don is one of the most captivating speaker's I've ever heard, thank you very much for coming and giving our Professionalism class a lecture!
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Logan White, 11-01-2013 14:20:38, Grant Macewan Canada toggle
Thanks for the awesome lecture! Humbling and Enlightening.
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Justin Kautz, 14-11-2012 18:07:31, Edmonton, Alberta Canada toggle
Just saying "Hi!"
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Peter, 05-07-2012 12:20:53, Argentina toggle
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ROBERT J. HARRIGAN, 04-07-2010 12:12:00, United States of America toggle
Dear Mr.Berner,Your sound bytes,
excellant!I am the music advisor/
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Don Currie, 02-04-2009 12:44:00, Canada toggle
Cogratulations on recent marriage--best thing I have ever done---47 years ago! Was looking through some Black Saint records (yes records) and found #BSR 0081 View from Within---Muhal Richard Abrams Octet. One tune: Down at Peppers was outstanding
and Positrain was a close second. The musicians were (1985): Abrams (p), Stanton Davis (t), John Purcell (s), Ehrlich (s) Rick Rosie (b), Warren Smith (vibes), Thurman Barker (d), Ray Mantila (perc). The MUSIC is great. Listen??? Thanks again and always for your musical efforts in this city and beyond.
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Don Currie, 16-07-2008 20:40:00, Canada toggle
Hello; Should have done this some time ago--i took our two grand sons to the Festival, Edmonton jazz Orchestra concert--great great music. Your solo on the last tune was stunning. Thanks so much.
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Jan Randall, 01-05-2008 13:24:00, Canada toggle
beautiful site Don. good luck with your upcoming CD. You were awesome at the jam on Tuesday! Thanks for letting me up to showcase my new tune with Joel. if you get a minute, please check out my site at
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Harrison Lee, 21-01-2008 11:07:00, Canada toggle
Hi Mr. Berner,

I am sitting about 40 feet in-front of you in a professionalism class. Can't wait to hear your lecture!

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Chris Sampson, 06-12-2007 00:24:00, Canada toggle
Hey man. It's been a long time. I'm happy to see you are doing well. We will have to get together and catch-up.
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kristian goy, 29-09-2007 03:01:00, Canada toggle
i remember how much you meant to me. i am so pleased to see this. me, i am hoping to hear from you. i live in vancouver, now i am to avenge someones wrong i know nothing of
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althea cunningham, 21-07-2007 13:55:00, Canada toggle
I have seen you peform over the years and sweet stuff man. If you ever need a blues/ jazz/ soul vocals you can reach me via email. I use to work with Jerrold D. years back in a music store.
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Marc Berner, 24-04-2007 03:15:00, Canada toggle
Nice to meet you, Don. Keep blowing.
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Doug, 14-04-2007 10:36:00, Jamaica toggle
Sure is nice and warm down here in the Caribbean... smilie Just wanted to say hi, drop me a line and let me know what's going on. Got some time next month to do some updates, let me know what you need. Cheers from the Grand Princess!
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Cameron Maitson, 25-03-2007 20:22:00, Canada toggle
Hey Don! It's Cameron Maitson. Used to hang around with you and (more) your brother Doug when we were kids. My buddy Martin and I are coming up in July for a couple weeks starting Canada Day, and he wanted to see some jazz. Saw your nameon the Yardbird Suite site, and googled you to get here. Just thougt I'd give you a shout out to say hi, and congrats on your obvious success! Perhaps we'll see you there come July...
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Holly Hykawy (Bobier), 03-02-2007 21:01:00, Canada toggle
Just doing the look up all the people you knew in high school thing on the internet. It looks like you are doing great! Congrats on all your successes.
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Nakita, 08-07-2006 10:14:00, Poland toggle
In Krakow again...
thought I;d think of you?
keep up the superhuman powers
but it appears you need a cellphone
off to greece, hurrah!

Name: nakita
Email: the_doctrine_of_is
Date: Sun,May 29, 2005 09:26 AM
Message: don, you were thought of in krakow, poland! see you soon.
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Birkley, 04-07-2006 23:50:00, Canada toggle
I loved your show last Saturday, "Edmonton Dixieland Brigade". Perfect for swing dancing and charleston dancing.
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Kristy, 18-05-2006 14:26:00, Canada toggle
Hey Don!

I just wanted to sign your guest book and say hi! Hope things are going well in Edmonton! Let me know when the new CD comes out!
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blue energy, 16-05-2006 09:32:00, toggle
Wave your hands like this -- do you see the blue energy? Hmm ... here did I leave my tin-foil helmet?
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Audrey, 19-04-2006 01:52:00, Canada toggle
If your phone number doesnt work, how am i supposed to get a hold of you? do you have something like the bat-signal that i can project into the sky? we could call it the prairie be-bop signal and it could be of a tractor/saxophone hybrid. Think about it. think about the theme song. call me.
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Glen Halls, 13-04-2006 19:24:00, Canada toggle
hi don. I'm just wondering if I've been selected to play at the jazz festival, either with my proposal, or some other configuration. Please let me know asap. congrats on the new CD. I'd come to the release but alas i'm playing again with the latin band. ( long hours, poor dough). I've my own CD to be released soon, but its solo. So please get back to me as soon as you can regards festival, either email or 434-4708, or 904-5941. Note, your phone number on your web page doesn't work. Glen
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Don Berner, 10-04-2006 13:40:00, Canada toggle
I get lots of your phone calls - I have your # and will give people the correct number.

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BOB HARRIGAN, 10-04-2006 10:32:00, United States of America toggle
I am the music advisor/artist liaison:JAZZ FESTIVALS/FLORIDA.
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Raymond Baril, 22-02-2006 10:27:00, Canada toggle
Hey Don. Thought I would log on again to say hi and hopefully locate your phone number. Apparently it needs to be updated, oh well. Talk soon and hope things are going well. Ray
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Steve Pady, 12-01-2006 11:46:00, Canada toggle
Sorry, was that out loud?
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Steve Pady, 12-01-2006 11:45:00, Canada toggle
Sorry, was that out loud?
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audrey, 09-01-2006 22:45:00, Canada toggle
pic#2 is a very "tortured clark kent." is that what you were going for?
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saffron newton, 31-12-2005 15:59:00, Canada toggle
Blah Blah Blah!
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Peter Franck, 01-10-2005 17:21:00, United States of America toggle
Hey Don,

here's a blast from the past. No, I didn't see you at four rooms, since I haven't been in Edmonton for the past few years. I'm still down here at Eastman. Take care.

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Marc Genest, 10-08-2005 13:54:00, Canada toggle
Hey buddy, it was a pleasure meeting you on the bus and train rides from Edmonton. I hope you had a good time at your brother's wedding. I went for more X-rays when I got to Montreal, but there are no fractures. I'm starting physiotherapy next Monday. Next time I'm in Edmonton I'll drop by and say hello and if you ever come to Montreal, feel free to do the same. Until next time, take care.
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nakita, 29-05-2005 09:26:00, Poland toggle
don, you were thought of in krakow, poland! see you soon.
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thom bennett, 26-03-2005 20:50:00, Canada toggle
don, i like pic # 2 (at the top of the page) best. it's the best lee harvey oswald impersonation that i've seen yet. let's make more music sometime.
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Anastassia, 21-01-2005 15:12:00, Canada toggle
I was at Four Rooms. You are awesome, Don!!! Good music and yummy martinis!!! Good luck in everything.
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Darryl Meyer, 19-01-2005 19:33:00, Canada toggle
Hey Don---great site man!---I look forward to the next time we can play together! take it easy
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Peter Belec, 06-11-2004 12:55:00, Canada toggle
I like jazz.
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Jose Fusion, 30-04-2004 07:36:00, Mexico toggle
Don, I was surprised on the concert last wednesday april 28, 2004 at ex-convento del Carmen... it was programmed at 8.30 p.m., but it begun at 9.00 p.m.!?!?! Why so late? Except for that, the concert was great.

Please be on time on your next concert (April 30, 2004). We resverd respect. Thanks,
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Oliver Miguel, 23-04-2004 16:24:00, Canada toggle
Hey Don. I'm a 22 year old saxophonist from Calgary. i've recently heard of you and i look forward to one day play with you.
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susana ramos, 30-11-2003 16:14:00, Mexico toggle
dear don hi where are u doing i hope so fine answer me please ok.
susan to mexico
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Susan, 18-11-2003 18:40:00, Mexico toggle
How are you? I am fine.
Espero que te encuentres bien, te deseo mucha suerte en tus presentaciones, principalmente en la de Edmonton Symphony Orchestra- Winspear Centre.
Saludos. Espero me recuerdes. te mando un beso- kiss-
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jerrold, 14-10-2003 10:32:00, United States of America toggle
thought I'd see what was new with ya, haven't heard from you in a while - things are going good in Jersey - see you over the holidays....jerrold
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Curtis Henker, 11-09-2003 12:36:00, Canada toggle
My hero
Maceo Parker's long lost son? hmmmm...
Isn't there some kind of fan club I can join?
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Erika, 12-08-2003 19:13:00, toggle
Hey! I'm here! smilie nice site.
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Maciej Berner, 09-07-2003 09:11:00, Poland toggle
Hello from Poland
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Juliana Oja, 08-07-2003 00:21:00, Canada toggle
Hey Berner, you look like such a nice, responsible young man in these photos...some photos put you in quite a different light(he he). Wish I could attend your Four Rooms gig, have a good one!
Luv from lil J in the K-dot!
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Joy, or so you'd like to think, 29-06-2003 01:16:00, toggle
Get some damn surgery.
P.S.-Just kidding.
P.P.S.-I don't even want to think what you had to do to get this high...on the ladder.
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Dave Herrick, 26-06-2003 14:16:00, Canada toggle
dude! Checked out your Jazz street performance, you're sounding great man! Nice tone, and ideas, especially good to hear original music and tunes by local composers.

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Mr.Trudeau and Her Chatty Friend, 19-06-2003 23:27:00, toggle
Don, you're so dreamy.
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Damascus, 22-04-2003 17:28:00, toggle
jazz is for criminals and criminals must be taken out
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keltie amarobab, 14-03-2003 16:37:00, Canada toggle
I saw Don perform in downtown Edmonton recently and I have to say he's one of the best live acts I've seen in a while! Keep it up!
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aaron bjorndal, 07-03-2003 18:48:00, Canada toggle
hey don, i finally checked your website! looks good!! i look forward to your next gig, and the party that follows. chow
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Al Hemmings, 14-01-2003 14:43:00, toggle
Hi there Don,I like your web page
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Doug, 27-11-2002 06:14:00, Switzerland toggle
The quest continues, nothing here in the Berner Oberland, I thought for sure they would have it...
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Doug, 21-11-2002 02:52:00, Switzerland toggle
Tore Bern apart today, hit every CD store looking for your smash hit album. Most places just looked at me with this really blank expression (but I'm sure the fact that the population mostly speaks German here has nothing to do with that) and acted like they had no clue what I was talking about, but I'm sure it's just that following the crayed wave of huge fans, the near riots, and the sellout frenzy of your album they must be afraid to admit that they stock your disc. Well, better luck in the next city I guess. TTFN!
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Doug Berner, 09-11-2002 10:56:00, Belgium toggle
Don, looked everywhere for your CD here in Antwerp today, still no luck. Where can I find it over here?
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Doug, 08-11-2002 04:11:00, Belgium toggle
Hey Don! Still not having any luck finding your CD here in Belgium. Isn't it in Tower yet?
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Doug, 23-10-2002 06:07:00, United Kingdom toggle
Hey you jazz guy! Greetings from London! When are we going to see your CD over here? We want international distribution!!!
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Ryan, 15-10-2002 16:22:00, Canada toggle
Don, nice show on Friday. I would have liked it more if you'd shaved your head. But good.
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SHANO, 31-07-2002 19:42:00, Canada toggle

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Chris Neuman, 27-07-2002 18:19:00, Canada toggle
Good Lord, Don Berner - the man responsible for subjecting the ears of Kenilworth students and parents to my clarinet stylings - this before I came to my senses and picked up a pair of drumsticks. Great site! I'll be in town late August, hope to see you at your Four Rooms gig. All the best!
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shano, 12-07-2002 17:02:00, Canada toggle
you rock brother!

best damn sax i ever had!
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Chris, 25-06-2002 20:54:00, toggle
Hey you famous Canadian.
Looks like you're kicking some serious ASS playing horn. I'm still playing, and my band will play a show for a SONY A&R rep in Tokyo July 28th, so wish us luck. Check out (under construction). If you're gonna be in Edmonton early August, I'd like to catch a gig.
All the best,
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Maverick, 21-06-2002 17:06:00, toggle
If I come home, let me be your anchorman.
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Spiderman, 26-05-2002 19:32:00, toggle
I know you're my biggest fan!

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Lawrence Fehler, 21-05-2002 14:45:00, Canada toggle
Great site, looking forward to seeing a performance
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david lancaster, 13-05-2002 19:18:00, Canada toggle
I enjoyed your performance at the Second Cup a few days ago. It was a pleasing surprise to round out my day. Thank-you very much.
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justin leespeerer, 24-04-2002 17:39:00, Canada toggle
my name is justin. i know that you play sax very good and i like to see you play. thank you
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scott andrew campbell, 17-04-2002 15:25:00, Canada toggle

See you at 6:30 at the dive tomorrow.
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ed wolframe, 05-02-2002 22:03:00, Canada toggle
don, will try and catch you at the sidetrack. seeya next week for sure ed.
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Suzanne Vaartstra (nee:Myers), 31-12-2001 13:32:00, Canada toggle
Hey Don!
I just saw you on A-Channel with sound great. (Of course...) SO good to hear of all your success so far! Hopefully I can come out to hear you soon. smilie
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Doug Berner, 10-10-2001 15:56:00, Canada toggle
Hi Don. Congrats on the release of your CD. Sorry we couldn't make it down to see the show. I heard it went very well, glad to hear. All the best.
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Chris & Karen Sampson, 20-08-2001 21:59:00, Canada toggle
Hey Don. We are really happy to hear that things are going so well for you. Congratulations on the upcoming release of your CD. We can't wait to hear it. You duh man later.
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Chris Sampson, 18-08-2001 17:04:00, Canada toggle
Hey Don. Congratulations on your CD. Can't wait to hear it.
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rachel, 01-08-2001 19:12:00, Canada toggle
hey don! awesome site!sorry i haven't called to set up a lesson...but i dont know when i can anyway cause im always working which sucks...but dont worry, im practicing, lol. gotta get ready for jazz camp. anyway, i'll talk to ya soon and try to come out to one of your gigs, c ya later
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Joelle Gartner, 18-07-2001 13:18:00, Canada toggle
Wonderful site, Don - An excellent resource for information on Edmonton's jazz community. Maybe I'll stop by one of your gigs sometime!
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Jo, 18-07-2001 13:14:00, toggle
I'm in grade 4 and I'm doing a book report on famous Canadians. Could you email me some more stuff about you for my report? Is it OK if I show your website to my class?
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Cristian Munoz, 15-07-2001 20:27:00, Canada toggle
Hi Don, Cristian here from grade 4 and 5 at Hillview.
I recently received an email from you with information on performances and your CD release. I am stationed in Seoul, South Korea but will be in Edmonton next week, July 22.
I'd like to hear you play sometime so keep me informed.
Best of luck,
Cristian Munoz
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just me man...., 28-06-2001 19:01:00, toggle
nice new pic......didn't i see you in GQ somewhere?
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arianne berner, 06-06-2001 17:03:00, Brazil toggle
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arianne berner, 02-06-2001 11:39:00, Brazil toggle
congratulatios, your site is excellent!
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Stephen McFetridge, 01-06-2001 17:47:00, Canada toggle
Rememeber Me?
I saw your article in the journal!
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Mark Lepine, 18-05-2001 17:15:00, Canada toggle
Hey man, Nice site! I'm gonna try and come down to Zenari's tonite with some friends. Hope to see you there!
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Doug Berner, 24-04-2001 21:32:00, Canada toggle
A very nice site, keep up the great work!
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Neil Barton, 04-10-2000 15:41:00, Canada toggle
**** you rule Berner. Whn did you find time to do all this.
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Ron Whitby, 03-10-2000 15:37:00, Canada toggle
Neat - it has changed since I last looked.
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heather wilson, 03-10-2000 15:35:00, Canada toggle
I suppose you already knew my email address. How did you know it? This site is pretty kickin'. For my educatin course I had to design a website...I guess i should have just gotten you to design it for me! Good luck with all you sweet gigs!
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jim, 03-10-2000 10:52:00, Canada toggle
Awesome site!
vey cool and easy to get around.

Need more stuff!

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superman, 29-09-2000 14:46:00, toggle
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Alden (the preacher) Lowrey, 24-09-2000 19:00:00, Canada toggle
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lane, 21-09-2000 21:17:00, Canada toggle
howdy you megalomaniac, how's it going? I wanted to see some video but chapters doesn't support that feature...maybe they've got an aesthetic editor function. Call me you g*y b*****d.
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Joel and Hannah, 04-09-2000 23:04:00, Canada toggle
There once was a superhero named Don, Who was much more powerful than Spawn,He could play some Jazz,And make his audience spazz!Not to mention his staggering brawn!!!
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Bonnie-Faye Berner, 30-08-2000 19:52:00, Canada toggle
This is a great site Don!
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Ken Read & Jennifer Bustin, 29-08-2000 13:02:00, Canada toggle
Hey Don! Great site. Great gig at Zenari's last week. Looking forward to hearing lots more. Let's Uechi sometime! Ken
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Raymond Baril, 28-08-2000 13:22:00, Canada toggle
Site looks good Don. Talk soon. Ray
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chris sampson, 26-08-2000 22:00:00, Canada toggle
Hey guy. Just thought we would check out your website. Pretty fancy. Hope to talk to you soon.
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Rubim de Toledo, 22-08-2000 03:53:00, Canada toggle
Hi Don,

Hope the gigs go well.

Take Care,

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Paul Baptiste, 20-08-2000 18:38:00, Canada toggle
Hey Don - great site, way to go! Really enjoyed the Audio and Video samples.
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